About Us

BODEGA can mean "storeroom" or "wine cellar." In NYC , it means Home!!

Mission & Vision

Being born & raised in the Bronx for 27 years, there wasn’t much representation of our culture and given a negative light on what was called “the hood”.

Da - Slang For The

Bodega - Means Home

Union - Community; Come Together

Da Bodega Union stands for “the home community”, Our goal is to highlight the NYC community in a positive light.

Through community projects with collaborations along the way, we know we can show the world the positivity it deserves.


Core Values


Home; Acceptance



Our Why?

We often times asked, why do we throw events? 

We started throwing events for a safe way for the community to express itself during COVID-19. We use the funds from admissions, merchandise, and giveaways for charity donations.

Our events range from BBQs, Holiday Parties, Client Sponsored Parties, etc. If you would like to attend our events follow our IG for the most up to date events. 

Why do you sell merchandise ? 

We wanted our expression of the community close to us, to be shared with the world. Our merchandise directly represents our community, projects and events. We are able to use profit to donate to community fridges, homeless, adoption/foster care agencies and local fundraisers for low & middle income families in NYC. 

Who is our brand for?

Everyone, any idea is welcome.

Our inbox is open for community collaborations

Why does your brand do collaborations ?

We want our community to have a "Homebase". Where we can provide resources for Building Your Brand, Building Your Finances, and Support Of Your Community.   

Contact Us 

Email : Info@DaBodegaUnion.Store

Please Allow 1-2 Business Days For Reply 

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